Finding a Job Using Social Media

The technological revolution of the internet, specifically social media, has taken over the traditional approach on how to find a job. The approach - completing a resume and a cover letter, finding jobs on classified ads and submitting resumes at corporate offices - is now a thing of the past. Through social network sites, you can easily find a job right at the comfort of your own home.

Many employers and recruitment professionals have used these sites to post job offers and vacancies. At the same time, these large networking sites are also venues where you can build your professional contacts and image. To use social media to your advantage as a professional, here are some useful tips:

Establish a connection.

With thousands of competitors seeking jobs, the best way to secure an interview is through referrals. The first step on how to find a job is by expanding your professional contacts. Use a focused approach by identifying the top five companies you would like to work for as well as the people they've already employed. Use search engines, corporate groups and pages to find people working for these companies.

Breaking down the barriers is made easier with social network sites, to a point where you can send a message to someone you don't even know. Once you've found a contact, tailor a message that states your identity and interest. Once you've established a friendly exchange with the employee, you can ask more about the company as well as their job openings. Once your contact agrees to refer you, you're one step closer to getting that job.

Build a professional image online.

Attraction-based marketing through social network sites is becoming a popular way of building a professional image. This requires a bit of hard work on your part since this approach requires you to launch How to Find a Job on Social Media a blog. A blog that showcases your skills, as well as your knowledge in a particular industry, increases your chances of catching the attention of online recruiters. This project requires you to be committed since it involves regular content updates. Rest assured, an effective professional blog is one of the best ways on how to find a job - without actually applying for one.

Be visible.

A popular site for professionals, LinkedIn, is the best place for recruiters when sourcing candidates. Having your account in LinkedIn is just like uploading your resume online for all possible employers to see. To make sure that your account is more visible than others, include keywords which are related to your field of expertise. A recommendation from a former supervisor or colleague will also verify your qualifications.

You can also connect with employers through other social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. Make sure to complete your profile first, including a short bio, an avatar and a link where they can read more information about you. Keep all information as professional as possible and post regular updates about your industry experience.

Learning how to find a job using social media is not that difficult, especially if you know how to use technology to your advantage.

Steve Waller is a job site owner that provides employment opportunities to various professionals in different fields, from senior executives to business analysts and sales assistants.